Barely B Films, LLC

Barely entertaining you since 2008!

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DP Richard Smedley Manning the IndiCam

At Barely B we use some of the best equipment and techniques in the industry and we're getting better with every production. Currently we use two Sony NEX-FS100 Super 35 mm HD camcorders for production work.

About Us

We're a small, independent film company based in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. So far, we've produced two feature-length films including a comedy and a thriller. Established in 2008, our first film, a raucous comedy called "It Came from Over Yonder" was largely an experiment being written, shot and produced by one person, the founder of Barely B Films, Richard Smedley. Although shot on a very tight schedule, low budget and of "barely b" quality, it was so much fun Richard decided to form a film company for future productions and Barely B Films was born. The film was chosen for "Special Treatment" (a film roast award) at the 2010 Faux Film Festival in Portland, Oregan.

Our second film a thriller entitled "The Dellville Witch" combined campy horror humor as well as some old-fashioned stop-motion effects and some superb acting. We had a blast doing this film and think you'll see our enthusiasm in the film. The film won "Best Oklahoma Soil Picture" at the 2009 Bare Bones International Film Festival.

Our current production, a nature documentary, is in the works. Entitled "An Unwelcome Success: The European Starling in America", it's been our most challenging film to date, but our most rewarding. Unlike our previous films, this one is a serious documentary about a very remarkable, yet common bird the European Starling. The film's goal is to show all aspects of this under-appreciated, even despised, "invasive" bird species. Using a combination of filming in remote locations, interviews with experts in the field as well as novel techniques such as filming in starling nestboxes with integral high-definition cameras, we've gathered footage that will make the production exciting as well as informative. As you can tell, we are very excited about this film!

We continue to "raise the bar" for ourselves with each film, progressing from "barely b" quality to, well, something better!

We also do event videography for reasonable prices providing both raw or edited footage depending on your needs. Please contact us for details!