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The Dellville Witch Something's alive in the woods that shouldn't be

When Sarah Richter inherits her Aunt Ida's place in sleepy Dellville, Oklahoma, she thought the biggest challenge was convincing her teenaged daughter, Michelle, it was a good move. She was wrong. She was very wrong.

Sometimes the woods come alive. More than alive.

Trailer Aunt ida had a hobby.

Aunt Ida got a little too good at her hobby.


Mercury main features or what makes Mercury more than your average single-page site

When you create a Mercury page, you get a single-page web site template that is not just attractively designed, but one that is also eminently usable and accessible. We looked at hundreds of single-page horizontal scrolling web sites and learned how to make one that avoids the most common functional problems. There is simply nothing you can find that matches the efficiency and excellence of Mercury.

Beautiful, Usable and Accessible with an interface that installs inside Dreamweaver

Mercury is designed using modern CSS methods that enable effects like rounded corners, shadows (inner and outer), and gradients to be created without having to use images. We also use font embedding technology to display custom fonts for headings and menus. In fact, the Mercury logo is pure text so if you like it you can customize it by simply replacing our text with your text—without ever leaving Dreamweaver. When you crack open the included user guide (and we really hope you do), you'll learn how to use modern CSS to your advantage in an efficient and browser-friendly way.

It's all in the details -we take the time to do it right so you don't have to worry about it

  • Choose fixed width layouts or layouts that automatically adjust to the size of your visitor's browser window.
  • Mercury is fully navigable whether using a mouse, keyboard, pointing device, touch device, or a screen reader.
  • If you use your tab key to navigate and reach a link in the next page section, the system will automatically detect this and scroll that section fully into view.
  • Accessing a new page section will smoothly glide your window to the top, ensuring that no content is ever overlooked.
  • The previous and next arrows automatically display the title of the next or previous page when you hover over them.
  • The previous and next arrows can be set to loop or to stop at the first and last page sections.
  • Mobile devices are automatically detected and served special style rules to address device-specific issues.