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What is It Came from Over Yonder? It's a moooovie of course. (It's also a very dumb way to waste 90 minutes of your life)

When Joe Farmer discovers some strange happenings in his cow pasture, he does exactly what you'd expect. Yes, he runs around in circles, panicking and screaming, but he also takes time out from his hysteria to get a gullible, er, local private eye involved to help solve the mystery. Of course, Nibert Futzman, local dick, also involves some other idiots to help muck up the works even further.

Trailer #1 It ain't your typical double-wide

Try to follow this and pay attention.

Trailer #2 (if #1 wasn't bad enough for ya)

Yes, the movie is deep and artsey, so one trailer may not be enuf to wrap your mind around (or twist around, as the case may be).


That's right! The damn producers didn't pay me for this web site so I'm posting the ENTIRE movie here for FREE. WATCH IT AND YOU SUCK BARELY B HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

(-- the webmaster)


Some Philosophy and Whatnot

It Came from Over Yonder is possibly one of the deepest movies ever made. In the far, far future, thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of years from now, it will achieve phenomenal cult status only rivaled by the artistic works of Shakespeare and Kubrick. People will study it in an advanced, post-doctorate and really, really hard course in arts and philosophy and sciency stuff, puzzling and analyzing as to what it all means. To fully grasp the headiness of the film, you will need to watch it maybe 40 even 50 times and possess an IQ at least as high. We suggest you buy at least 4 copies since one or two will wear out as you struggle to understand the enormous implications of this amazing work of art.